Together, we will save the lives of the many children who come to Mercy Home.  

You will save lives and change the future of over 650 kids this year by committing monthly. This is your chance to make your gift go even further.

Please consider taking your support to the next level with an automatic monthly gift. Your gifts will help fund therapy for our kids which includes individual counseling, group therapy and family therapy; and ensure their education is on track by providing them schooling, tutoring, and extra-curricular help  needed to catch up and keep good grades.

Join our monthly giving program and provide continual support to our youth every day - no matter what happens. Your monthly gift will be automatically charged to your credit card - reducing administrative costs and directing more of each gift to our programs.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls provides residential care, referral services, and mentoring to more than 650 abused and neglected children each year. We provide kids in our care with a safe home today, therapy to heal from painful pasts, and the education and career tools to equip them for a bright future.

Since 1887 we've changed the story of over 30,000 kids.

The success of kids is dependent on you.

99.9% of the funds we need are provided by donors like you. Please donate now!

Donation Options

There are many ways to contribute to the wellbeing of the children we work with in Chicago. Please consider any of the options below to make a valuable contribution.  

Gift Planning

Mercy Home has gift planning services that provide benefits to you, beyond knowing that you've helped our kids succeed. Using our gift planning services will allow you to give without affecting your income, provide yourself added income, and protect your heirs. 

Memorial / Tribute Gifts

A memorial or tribute gift offers a thoughtful caring way to remember a loved one—while making a difference for at-risk youth.

Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

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