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Make a difference for our kids this Giving Tuesday. With your support, Mercy Home can continue to provide stability, security, and care for the most vulnerable children in Chicago.

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Before coming to Mercy Home, Aniyah lost her mother in a tragic car accident. When her father was discharged from the hospital, he became addicted to his prescription pain medication, and Aniyah feared that she'd lose him, too.

But today she's found a sense of peace, thanks to the safety and stability of our Home and the academic resources she needs to catch up in school. Her father is receiving care for his addiction and the two of them are dealing with their loss in family therapy.

Aniyah is finally able to focus on school now - she's looking forward to her classes and afterschool club activities in the new year.

Your generosity helps kids like Aniyah overcome their trauma and discover their true potential. Thanks to caring friends like you, Aniyah and her father are healing their relationship and looking forward to a brighter future as a loving family.

Since 1887, Mercy Home has been a solution for kids in crisis. We've helped tens of thousands of young people in Chicago recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and neighborhood violence, so they can grow and thrive. Be part of our children's success by making a generous gift today. Thank you!

Your support for Giving Tuesday will make a profound difference in the lives of kids like Leila and Amari.

When Leila and Amari's grandparents died, they felt like they lost everything. Overwhelmed by grief and struggling both at home and at school, it seemed like there was no way out. Their aunt, who had taken custody of the siblings, worried that both were headed down the wrong path.

But today the whole family is in a better place, thanks to the support Amari and Leila received at Mercy Home. Therapy has helped them deal with their grief and rebuild their relationship with one another. Our academic resources have helped both of them catch up in school. For the first time, they feel hopeful when thinking of the future.

Your generosity helps kids like Leila and Amari overcome painful pasts and reach their true potential. Because of caring friends like you, these siblings are able to cope with their grief and receive the support they need to become successful adults.

Since 1887, Mercy Home has been a beacon of hope for kids in crisis. We've helped tens of thousands of young people in Chicago recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect, and neighborhood violence, so they can grow and thrive. Be part of our children's success by making a generous gift today. Thank you!

Create brighter futures for Mercy Home's boys and girls this Giving Tuesday.

Your support of Mercy Home is more critical than ever before.

When you make a gift to Mercy Home on Giving Tuesday, you will ensure that our children's basic needs will be met. You'll also provide therapy, tutoring, and other critical support to help them overcome the trauma of their pasts and be prepared to succeed in school.

Mercy Home provides compassionate, ongoing support to at-risk youth.

This Giving Tuesday give a child a brighter future.

Thanks to a generous friend, all Giving Tuesday donations will be matched 3X up to $150,000. Your gift will go three times as far toward creating the brighter futures our kids deserve!


Here’s how you can support the well-being of the children who are entrusted to our care. There are many ways to make a valuable contribution.


Make a lasting impact by sustaining our work all year. Any amount you choose supports the growth and success of at-risk youth.


Memorial gifts are a thoughtful and meaningful way to honor a loved one. Or you can make a tribute to celebrate a loved one's success. All while making a difference for young people.


Leave a legacy to Mercy Home in your will. We offer gift planning services that go beyond community care, and benefit you and your loved ones.

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